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Family means the world to us. We cherish every precious moment of our lives with our families and enjoy making memories that will last.

That's why we started Loving Legacy Creations. We're two sisters who love to design one of a kind creations that help people remember the past and celebrate the future...items that can grow as your children grow, or be passed on from generation to generation.

Whether it's taking your baby's favorite sleeper after she's outgrown it and turning it into an adorable teddy bear...or creating a special tooth fairy pillow out of your son's favorite baby blanket...or taking your wedding dress that's been sitting in a box for years and lovingly fashioning it into a beautiful christening gown for your children or grandchildren... we can't wait to design the perfect creations for you, items that will capture your special moments and memories and help keep them alive for years to come.

We even offer a special service to help keep those loved ones you've lost close at heart, something that we hope will make cleaning out their closets a little bit easier. 
See "We Remember..."

Check us out. We think you'll find there's something really special waiting to be made just for you at Loving Legacy Creations.

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