Customer Care

Our customers are very important to us and so are each of the items they send us. Because these items represent special memories, we ensure that every one of our creations are made with the special care and love we would use if we were making something special out of our own children's or loved one's items.


If you are sending us something really special like your wedding dress, please make sure that you contact us first to discuss your creation. Also, please insure your package and send it so that a signature is required upon receipt so that both you and we have the assurance that it is delivered to where it is supposed to be. We will do the same.

Privacy & Safety

If you have adorable "before" and "after" pictures that you would be willing to share with us, we would LOVE to see them. And, if you would allow us to use them on our website or marketing materials, we would be thrilled to use them. For your family's protection, we promise that NO NAMES or other identifying information will be displayed on any of our materials or website.

 As a thank you gift, each of our "models" receive a discount certificate good on a future purchase.

Quantity Discounts

We have had instances where families have a LOT of items that they would like us to make. In those cases, if we can work out a discount, we will. But, as each item is individually and uniquely made, each one requires a LOT of time to make. Since we try to keep our prices as low as possible, we don't have much "wiggle" room.

We do offer a TEACHER DISCOUNT for teachers who order "Mycrates" for their classroom. Every 6th crate is free. We will extend the same discount to grandparents and parents if they order 6 or more crates at the same time. Shipping and tax will be charged on the whole order.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Personal and Cashier Checks


(262) 893-6157


556 East State Street 

Burlington, WI 53105