From your baby's favorite sleeper or blanket to a prized teddy bear AND a tooth fairy pillow (or monster pillow)...we are here to design something you will both love!

Have older children? How about turning his or her first team jersey into a pillow, or all of their favorite t-shirts into a quilt?


The possibilities are endless and as unique as you and your family are. 


Each item we create is one-of-a-kind. The more items you send us, the more we can embellish your new creation with your old treasures. So send us your sleepers, blankets, jerseys, t-shirts, hair bows, baby socks  or shoes, ties and bow ties...anything you don't want to give away...and we will create something you will want to keep and pass on. 

We are -- Loving Legacy Creations -- and we are designing just for you.



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556 East State Street 

Burlington, WI 53105